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NEWYES-Refill Pen Refills *3

NEWYES-Refill Pen Refills *3

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Long-lasting Ink for Extended Use

This refill pack contains 3 units of 0.7mm pen refills, ensuring you never run out of ink during use. Each refill utilizes long-lasting ink that can be erased and reused, allowing you to enjoy the pleasure of writing, drawing, or note-taking for extended periods without worrying about running out of ink.

Convenient Replacement for Continuous Use

This refill pack provides an ample supply of pen refills for your needs and offers convenient replacement. Simply twist the pen barrel gently to remove the old refill, then insert the new refill, effortlessly resolving any issues with depleted ink. This ensures you can continue to enjoy the convenience and pleasure brought by the smart digital pen without interruption.

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