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NEWYES-Smart Notebook

NEWYES-Smart Notebook

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Ordinary Appearance, Extraordinary Functionality

We've introduced the latest point coding technology paired with a camera on the pen, seamlessly converting your handwriting into digital format and storing it in the cloud. The outer layer is crafted from high-quality leather material, housing an incredible 160 pages of potential, offering an endless space at your fingertips.

Seamless Connectivity, Freeform Writing

Quickly connect to our application and effortlessly switch pages, colors, and pen stroke thickness, completely unrestricted. Once connected, you're not confined to the app; instead, freely browse social media, take notes, all from the main page. Your notes aren't just stored on your phone; they're also readily accessible through cloud storage, ensuring you never miss any vital information.

Durable and User-Friendly, Effortless Handling

What's truly astounding is that our notebook requires no additional device support, providing a tablet-like note-taking experience. The paper is waterproof, tear-resistant, and fold-resistant, while ink only requires a damp cloth for removal, no alcohol needed, for simple and convenient operation. The smart pen is incredibly convenient too; simply connect via Bluetooth, charge for 2 hours, and enjoy up to 8.2 hours of usage, eliminating worries about battery life, allowing you to write freely anytime, anywhere.

Explore the trailblazing smart notebook, redefining the writing experience.

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